Safety Training and OSHA

Uniquely qualified to be your partner in OSHA safety compliance

After every installation, we offer operational and safety training. We can also offer advanced training to your operators on the latest state and federal (OSHA) guidelines. Furthermore, we can offer our exclusive NEW ENGLAND CRANE TRACKER inspection system, which is the most comprehensive of its kind in the industry. This software ensures that the lifting equipment in your facility is regularly inspected and maintained, is OSHA compliant, but most importantly, safe for your operators.

  • In-house, each of our employees attends continuous internal safety programs outlined in our comprehensive 400-page safety manual. This assures that our technicians are not only skilled craftsmen, but trained in proper working conduct.
  • Preventive maintenance programs, including automatic notification of your system inspection dates.
  • Our TRACKER software is a computer-based annual inspection that ensures OSHA compliance. Performed by an expert technician, it measures the current year's performance data against the previous year and issues a discrepancy report of corrective measures for your system, with the related OSHA codes listed.

Operational and Safety Training

New England Crane offers a wide variety of training programs for its customers, both on-site and at our main facility in Tyngsboro, MA.

  • Expert on-site training programs will get your operators up-to-speed on important safety procedures, as well as OSHA and State requirements.
  • Initial and refresher courses in general crane and hoist operation.
  • Training for daily operational and functional testing and visual inspections.

Expert On-Site Training Programs

Our on-site training programs presented at your facility will improve your safety record and, most importantly, keep your key crane and hoist operators on the job.