Fall Protection


A new way of doing fall protection in the Northeast.

Our approach to Fall Protection is comprehensive and fully accountable. From the initial assessment of your needs; through the design and turn-key build process; to training your employees on the proper use of the system, we accept full responsibility for your project. This ensures systems that are fully compliant with current OSHA regulations.

Among our customers are some of the most prominent manufacturers and logistics companies in the world: General Electric, Raytheon, Waste Management, Schnitzer, and Ryder Truck to name a few.

Northeast Fall Protection was born from an industry in which employee safety and OSHA compliance are paramount: designing and building industrial crane systems.

Our expert staff has a long and successful history of ensuring worker safety under the umbrella of New England Crane, one of the leading design/build crane companies in the northeast.

As OSHA requirements regarding fall protection became increasingly stringent (and potentially confusing), it became evident, as we communicated with customers in the field, that a new level of expertise was required. Our crane customers were unable to find adequate fall protection providers. Those they did find turned out to be salespeople who generally lacked the competence to manage such an important design/build process focused on OSHA requirements. We recognized the need and Northeast Fall Protection was born.

Capability Highlights

  • Comprehensive turn-key fall protection systems
  • Unrivalled structural engineering expertise
  • Custom design-build capability
  • Reliable, modern products and components from innovative manufacturers
  • OSHA compliance consulting
  • Customers include world-leading manufacturing, transportation, and logistics corporations

Protect your Employees

Our mission is to create the safest possible environment for your employees, using advanced and reliable fall protection components by industry leaders: Tether Track by Gorbel and DBI-SALA by Capital Safety.