With 100+ years of combined time spent in the industry, New England Crane's engineering department is the most experienced in the Northeast. If you have a unique material handling challenge, our engineers will design the most effective and economic solution possible. Any company can sell you a crane, New England Crane will sell you a solution.

Initial Visit

New England Crane's engineering team will visit your facility several times before construction begins. From the beginning, a sales representative and an engineer will visit your facility. They will talk to your representatives, gather information about your process, and if possible, watch your operators and machines in production. We will take several measurements and depending on the complexity of the situation, often present the conceptual solution right there at the first meeting.

The Job is Entered

Soon after the initial visit you will receive a detailed quotation, outlining exactly what we are proposing. After order, our engineer will visit your jobsite again, this time with the engineer/project manager who will be running your project. During this visit, our engineers will take detailed measurements of your facility. Often, we will lay out on the floor exactly where the structure will be located and will show you the extents of where your hook coverages will be located.

Our Approval Drawings: A Step Above

Following this visit, our engineer/project manager will design the system and generate a detailed approval drawing. Other crane companies might give you a cut sheet of the crane system, showing very limited information like its size and shape. Your New England Crane approval drawing will show the crane system you purchased integrated into your facility and building, showing your machine, your process. At this time you will have the option to make or suggest changes, and the design can be finalized.

Coordination and Implementation

At this point, most crane companies will then show up blind on day one of the installation. Not New England Crane. Our engineer/project manager typically will visit your facility once more, immediately prior to beginning the installation. During this visit, specifics about the implementation of the crane system will be reviewed and a minimal-impact installation path will be determined. Our customers can often stay completely in production during the installation because of this extra coordination.

Because of our hands-on approach and broad range of industry experience, New England Crane's engineering team is second to none in the region. This allows you, the customer, to worry about other things, knowing that we are responsible for implementing the best solution quickly and efficiently and with as little downtime as possible for your production.

Freestanding Runway Systems

Completely freestanding systems, like the one above, are custom-designed in-house when lateral and longitudinal bracing to adjacent structure is unavailable or impractical.

The Latest Drafting and Design Software

Our engineering team uses both 2D and 3D detailing software and a variety of industry specific and proprietary engineering analysis software to draw and design all of our crane systems and structures.